The Families of Acri, Italy

By Edward Bronejko

Compiled Genealogies of Acri Families

Compiled Genealogies of Acri Families

This is usually the best place to start your search. It is a large collection of family group reports for individuals who lived in Acri during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It also includes a few people from earlier times.

Look up your immigrant ancestor in the Name Index. Please note that many Italians went by their middle name so check that too.

If you know his/her American first name but don't know what that is in Italian, consult the Name Conversion page. It can usually give some hints as to what your ancestor's birth name might have been.

Still no luck? You can always contact me. I have many more individuals in my database that haven't been uploaded to this Website yet, so there is a good chance that I can give you some possibilities.